Alterations in hi-vis clothing to provide comfort to the wearer

Alterations in hi-vis clothing to provide comfort to the wearer

Hi vis clothing is sometimes very suffocating. This is especially true during the hot summer months. Restricting them from removing these clothes can be a challenge for many employers. When it comes to wearing workwear during summer, no one likes layering. When employees are working in the field of logistics or warehousing, they play a very active role.

As a result, they do not prefer wearing layered workwear. It isn't surprising if your employee is taking off their traditional hi-vis clothing and tying it around their waist to waive off the heat. However, wearing the same is crucial as it provides protection or security to the worker. This is because of the reflective and fluorescent nature of the garments.

There needs to be a solution that can resolve the problem of workers not being willing to wear hi-vis clothes anymore. The garments can be modified to some extent in terms of material, which will make them appreciated by workers.

Alteration like hi-vis garments

A new range of hi-vis garments has been introduced in the market. This is solely designed to suit workers who work in the scorching heat of the sun or warmer environments. The new range of high-visibility work clothes is made from lightweight polyester, which also consists of moisture-wicking features. This feature enables the absorption of sweat while pulling it to the surface of the fabric.

When this sweat evaporates from the surface, the wearer becomes dry. This makes him feel comfortable. As a result, heavy workers working in mining, construction, or other high-risk sites do not feel annoyed in the heat. Here are some attributes that make this new range of hi-vis garments well-accepted among people.

Long and Short sleeved t-shirts

They are made up of recycled polyester. It provides a generous fit to the wearer with the design of an extended back. The back provides strategically positioned reflective tape that offers adequate movement capability to the wearer.

The polyester used in the t-shirts is made of polyester that can absorb moisture. The underarm portion of the t-shirt comes with mesh ventilation. These are also present in the side seams. It eventually facilitates the flow of air throughout the body while the garment is worn. The T-shirts that come with long sleeves protect from the UV rays of the sun.

Vest with short and long sleeves

This vest is a standard one with a hook-and-loop fastening feature. It consists of a deep mesh for airflow. The arm holes in the mesh provide an enhanced fit. The vest's side pockets can be accessed if it is worn during the winter.

This vest is similar to the previous one in terms of features. Long sleeves impart UV protection, and the version with zip-fastening consists of many internal and external pockets, which can be utilized for many purposes. Being the ideal workwear store, they offer a wide range of durable and functional clothing options suitable for various industries and outdoor activities.

Polo T-shirts with short and long sleeves

These t-shirts come with reflective tape in a segmented chevron design. They also provide UV protection to the arms. Recycled polyester has a moisture-locking capacity. Like other varieties, these polo t-shirts also have air mesh to facilitate proper ventilation.

In all the garments, another feature has been added that not only prevents irritation but also locks in odor. This is possible because the garments have been incorporated with an anti-microbial finish that manages the foul odor caused by the buildup of bacteria. These garments are also designed in a manner that they provide ultimate breathability and stretch.


It can be understood that these advanced versions of workwear can impart enhanced comfort and a suitable environment for the workers to work in. We are a consistent supplier of high-quality high-visibility workwear. We always aim to raise the level of safety and wellness of the workers you employ. Knowing the challenge of wearing hi-vis garments during summer, this alternative range of garments has been proposed. We maintain the consistency of our products diligently. Therefore, you can choose workwear from us and place a query anytime you want. We would be happy to help you. 

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